Should I Send My Massage Therapist?

A question I often get is “should I tip my massage therapist?”. There are a few different thoughts about this within the massage community.

Some therapists who strictly do treatment work, do not accept tips. Their reasoning is that they are part of health care in the world, would you tell your doctor or dentist tip? Even among themselve, there are some That accept tips, as they recognize Thats it’s way of showing appreciation cheaper than its meaning does not want to offend the person by not taking the money from the client. It depends on where they work. For therapists thathave their own office, it’s a personnel issue. If they work for someone else, it might be against the rules to ask two acceptable any kind of tip.

For massage therapists who work in a spa setting, tips are greatly appreciated. The percentage that make them to each massage is gen rally half or less of the price of the service. Even just the tip should not be required, but some of the newer chains of massage businesses automatically monitor equipped with a tip, so make sure to check and see if that is the case. If you are not satisfied with the service, just shouldnt you have two tip.

Massage therapists are self that entrepreneurs can establish their own prices, and should be set themselve high enough so that they are comfortable two make a decent living without two rely on tips.

I heard that entrepreneurs should not be overturned. I can only guess that it is because they have the full amount of the service charge, unlike two an employee who receives only a percentage.

I think the tip is really a matter of personal discretion, and no one should feel obligated to tip, especially if the rooms were not happy with the service. Now, your therapist does an excellent job of meeting your needs, and seeing your comfort, it would be appropriate just two tip, entrepreneur or questions.

This is what I tell my clients, or anyone who asks about tipping massage: to explain two themselve That tip while always appreciated, they are never required or toilet, and that they receive the same level of excellent service and care whether they tip or not. And that another way to “tip” me ice two, relative Tre Archi friends and family to me for a massage. In havesome customers thathave never tipped me, and others always do that. They all get the same treatment.

As far as how much to tip, most people tend two tip as they do in restaurants, 15 percent wood between 02:20 percent.

If you can ‘t afford two tip addition to massage, do not worry. Most of us really enjoy our work, and just seeing the look of utter peace and tranquility on our clients face is good enough, and that tells us our task was completed.

Source by Becky Lundin

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