Should I Spend Extra On 16gb Of Ram Or Less On 8gb, And How Do I Know If It Would Fit In My Motherboard?

Here are some more questions for you lovely helpful people of the internet 😀 I only have two RAM slots on my motherboard. Is this the best bang for my buck?
Will increasing my RAM from 4GB to 8GB or 16GB significantly increase gaming performance? It seemed to me that when I closed Skype and Steam, Saints Row the Third ran like stink, even on high settings (not quite ultra), but with Skype and Steam open it ran badly even on low settings (this is what gave me the idea that I needed more RAM). I’ve been wanting to buy more RAM anyway, and my current 4GBs of RAM is pretty old now.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.

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5 Responses to “Should I Spend Extra On 16gb Of Ram Or Less On 8gb, And How Do I Know If It Would Fit In My Motherboard?”

  1. airdogsp says:

    For games you are worth getting a better graphic card (with more ram). 4gb of ram should be fine for any game.
    Ram is pretty cheap and if you can afford its not bad.
    Any ram you buy now should FIT in your motherboard. The problem is the right speed. Your motherboard might not be able to handle some speeds so you should check the specks of your motherboard.
    You also have to check how many Ram slots you have. You might have 4gb but that might take up two slots (could even take up 4 slots but I doubt it). so you have to see how many slots you have.

  2. Maxon says:

    You cannot be asking too many questions about your RAM without saying a word about your processor.
    It not always a good idea to fill in all those ram slots.
    The processing power of your CPU is correlated to the size of RAM and speed it can handle. Too much is never good nor too less.

  3. mikey m says:

    the amount of memory depends on the motherboard and memory slots. you need a 64 bit pc to upgrade to more than 4gb of ram. A lot of pcs only can hold 8gb. I suggest buying the 8gb 4×2. It will work. if you know that it can hold more than 8gb go ahead. And the performance varies on the video card you get with it.

  4. initiali says:

    That depends what you play and how much RAM is on your card and if you use 32.bit Windows.
    If you use 32bit then absolutely no benefit.
    I was in that situation where running games meant closing down other apps to free up RAM (aim for 1.5GB used). If you frequently get out of memory errors with 4GB then yes. I was getting this, now I have 12GB but… most Ive seen used in modern games is ~6GB (Max Payne 3, FarCry3 and BF3) so 8GB is plenty and the premfor 8GB sticks will come down once DDR4 comes out.
    But it wont help if you have a slow graphics card.

  5. Side of EPIC says:

    4gbs is a little bit low for now, 8gbs is the sweet spot. 16gbs is overkill. we need motherboard model numbers and your CPU

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