Should I Spend My Train Vouchers On Thursday Or Later?

I’ve got a jobcentre travelcard which runs out on Thursday & £10.45 train vouchers. I’ll next be in work on Thursday and don’t get paid till the 25th this month.
A full-price train journey from home to work, without a railcard, is £10.60 peak time.
I also have a Young Persons Railcard which will help me save a little bit once the jobcentre card runs out, but I’ll still have to pay more than I do now.
So do you think I should spend about £5 and have a free jobcentre journey then have another £5 off another journey or just spend the voucher on one journey?

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One Response to “Should I Spend My Train Vouchers On Thursday Or Later?”

  1. Brendan's The ENIGMA 1 says:

    Use it by or on Thursday as there is always a chance of It getting checked and a nasty fine 🙂

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