Should I Text Her To Let Her Know I Made The Appt?

I have this friend (we are both females) and she introduced me to this beauty shop that she goes to. I didn’t ask her to but she wanted to so she took me down there and I met with her beautician that always does her hair. The lady handed me a card that allows discount for me since I’m being introduced by my friend and discount for my friend for introducing me to the lady. The discount that my friend will get is higher than what I will get.
The thing is, my friend can’t get the discount until I make an appointment so that’s what I did. I made an appt for 10 am on this one day and was planning to go but then, my job called me up the night prior to see if I can come in and I had no choice but to say ok. So I figured that I can call the salon at around 7 am to leave a message to cancel the appt but when I called, there was no voicemail nor was anybody picking up so early in the morning.
And I couldn’t possibly make a phone call during my work hours so I called the salon to apologize right after I finished work. It turns out that the beautician had told my friend what happened so I had to also call my friend to apologize and let her know that I made an apology call to the salon.
Now my friend has been bugging me asking when I’m going to make my next appt and also, just yesterday, she called me to tell me that she’s going to the salon this weekend and also to buy and take them something and apologize to them for what I had done. I apologized to my friend once again. Then, she texted me to tell me that she called to ask me what exactly she should buy for the beauty salon. I offered to make my hair appt this weekend as well but I didn’t respond back regarding what my friend should buy. I’m a bit upset but I guess I’m at fault. I just made an appt for Sunday but my friend will be going in sooner so she won’t be able to get the discount this time but she goes monthly anyway.

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One Response to “Should I Text Her To Let Her Know I Made The Appt?”

  1. spot a says:

    Yes text her, keep her in the loop. Get a box of chocolates if you want. They can be shared among the staff. Buy a cp, so next time at work you can make a quick short call. Tell your supervisor the reason for the call, if you want, before you call. Can you go there sooner too? maybe move your appointment and go with your friend..

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