Should I Wait Till Black Friday/cyber Monday?

i want to get a bass guitar and i saw it for 490 at guitarcenter and 80 bucks cheaper on amazon (you can only buy it online) and i want to know if anyone knows if amazon and guitarcenter online have sales those days if its worth the wait will i get it for cheaper then amazons current price
those are the only 2 stores that sell it

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2 Responses to “Should I Wait Till Black Friday/cyber Monday?”

  1. The Haunted Rose says:

    save the 80 bucks totally

  2. mahler19 says:

    I would start doing a search for black friday ads… they should start being leaked in a few wks. This way you can see in advance if it will be on sale or not. If not you can decide if you want to purchase it. Brads Deals is one such site but there are many. Good luck!

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