Should I wait until the last minute to book my August holiday?

I’m looking at prices for holidays in augst, but they seem a bit steep!

Is it worth me booking 2 weeks off during the 6 weeks holiday then fishing around for some incredible bargains? Or should I book now and be done with it.

I’m not too fussed where I go, I’m open to any place – so thats not an issue.

I just dont know! Does anyone have experience in booking last minute holidays?

Any advice would be greatly greatly appreciated.

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5 Responses to “Should I wait until the last minute to book my August holiday?”

  1. zoey says:

    the earlier you book the cheaper it normaly is if you book it now then you know its done and you dont have to worry bout as it over and done with with my experience by booking a last minute holiday cost me a alot more then it would of been if i had booked it earlier

  2. #1 Disney Fan says:


  3. el guapo says:

    here was my scenario. I went to ohio one year in november. checked prices in october they dropped considerably (i bought them, 2 tickets). had to add a third the week before, that 1 ticket cost 1 and a 1/2 times more that what the other ones did)
    I would check periodically and grap it when it drops considerably, the closer you get to the departure date the price will go back up.

  4. Loya says:

    noooo. most holidays are cheaper if you book months ahead of time…. so if you book last minute it could cost you up to about 2 times as much… so no. go and book now if you can!

  5. CAROLE R says:

    My friend and I booked a holiday to Turkey, we travel on the 12/5/08,we got it for £315 each when we booked it in October. the same 2 weeks are now £410 a difference of £95 which means it is more or less 25% more expensive.
    I think the bargains of last minute holidays are a thing of the past due to the bad weather we have been getting. Also they bump the prices up in school holidays anyway.
    What ever you decide to do have a good holiday.

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