Should I work as a Sales Engineer?

I’ve been offered a job as a sales engineer, I was wondering;

What is the job like? is there good money in it? Is it secure? Is there job progression? And, do I have to work in noisy environments?? (I have a hearing problem hence this question), Is the job basically a glamorised door to door salesman??

I’m looking for good pay and job progression really…

Another point I should mention is my other opportunity is to deputy manage a food retailer….

Any help would be much appreciated!

Ive been told that this position requires telesales for half a week and then visiting clients and finding solutions to problems through the use of your products…

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One Response to “Should I work as a Sales Engineer?”

  1. Jeff T says:

    "Sales engineer" could mean anything.

    Where I work at, it means a guy who used to be an engineer but is now the liaison between the sales and engineering departments.

    Someone who can take the sales team’s unfocused brainstorming and translate that into specs that the engineering team can make a design with.

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