Should people who refuse to work. Be paid in food stamps and vouchers rather than be given cash?

Should chav,s who refuse to work be paid in vouchers/stamps than they can use in designated stores,Rather than given cash to spend on lambert and bulter cigarettes,Cans of white star cider and cannabis resin.

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8 Responses to “Should people who refuse to work. Be paid in food stamps and vouchers rather than be given cash?”

  1. bella swan says:

    I totally agree! it’s long overdue for someone to stand up to these lazy b******s and say ‘Right!!! enough of this s***! if they don’t want to work, then suffer the consequences!’. I strongly believe in they should bring back national service! that will get the lazy work shy louts off the streets and taught how to respect others whilst learning a trade! I graft hard everyday for a living and can barely pay the rent let alone buy some alcohol as a treat occasionally!

  2. Chris H says:

    I think they should get part cash and part stamps.

  3. Pompeyrew says:

    I think if you refuse to work you should get nothing, but if your circumstances are such that if there’s no work available or you are made redundant, this is an excellent idea. There’s also a certain stigma attached to vouchers that would get people to work.

  4. John says:

    no because shopkeepers let them spend them on beer n cigs they do it with milk tokens instead of buying milk the value of the token is spent on beer or cigs

  5. toosh says:

    yes but I imagine they would find some way to get what they wanted but yes it would be a start

  6. Camalus says:

    I fully understand your point however i don’t think its the answer this would just be another case of nursing the problem not curing it in fact i think it would just make things worse, if you take away the only accessible means to money some people have as well as peoples ability to choose what they spend there cash on then a big percentage would turn to crime, and the best cure without a doubt is always prevention no matter what the issue, this problem needs to be addressed and eradicated at the grassroots of the problem, the promotion of social standards in a society and a much improved Education system

    Establishing by law values and principles required of individuals, parents, families for acceptable behaviour and living standards in the home and within society , the moral and social development of children the duty and without exception taught to them through personal example by parents / carers , and without exception all required to give account and all liable through discharge of duty of showing a lack of care for consequences and therefore answerable for not just there own but there children’s / dependents behaviour, and most importantly affective policy’s to help and give assistance to all who want it with consequences for the unwilling and the persistent.

  7. HELEN LOOKING4 says:

    Yes.If they are able to walk to the issue point.Certainly not sent by post as that is very expensive.

  8. Bïℓℓσωιηg Fєαтнєяѕ σƒ Mуѕтєяץ彡 says:

    People need to WORK. who the hell "refuses" to work? If you don’t want to get up and get a job, then you should receive nothing. But i don’t know why the UK gives it in cash, from what I know here in the US they get it on a card. It looks like a credit card. But really the only people who deserve this are those trying to get a job, or those who have a job that they can’t really live off of.
    It’s a huge problem in the USA,

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