Should supermarket offer refund not vouchers?

I went to a well known supermarket and did some shopping, my partner filled the trolley and when I got to the till it seemed a bit pricey but I assumed he’s been putting extra items in!
When I got home I had been charged over £14 for a pack of three peppers – normally £1 something.
I called the store and they advised me to come and they would refund the amount but the thing is its not a local store, we had gone out for the day and as I cannot return to the store they will only send me vouchers for the amount to use in the store.

As its not local I won’t be travelling back to shop there and wondered if I have to accept these vouchers or ask for them to somehow credit the amount back to my card?
I know it might not seem a lot of money to fuss over but living on a budget it all helps!

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6 Responses to “Should supermarket offer refund not vouchers?”

  1. LadyD says:

    Hi – I studied business law at college and discovered that a store only offering credit notes (vouchers) is actually illegal. I had the same problem with a clothes store. Their garment was faulty, so I took it back, they wanted to give me a credit note and the store again was in another town. I said no that I wanted a refund and they refused. I asked to see the manager and she started to refuse also until I told her what she was doing was illegal – I got my refund.
    The thing is it’s forcing you to shop there even if you a bad experience and in essence storing your money in their bank and earning interest until you redeem it. So I guess just politely ask and explain the situation and if they keep refusing then say that it is actually illegal to ONLY offer credit notes. It’s not to say they can’t be offered but a full refund within the 28 day period is all about consumer rights. Good Luck

  2. Allen B says:

    You are entitled to a refund via the way you paid, cash CC refund etc.
    You can request reasonable travelling expenses to return to the store.

  3. Miss Typo! says:

    they must refund ur money, they took the money in error they need to give it back. its their mistake not urs. call them back up and insist they refund back to ur card be polite and if they refuse say ull take them to small claims court -say it just to ‘scare’ them into giving u the money back

  4. raj says:

    just call them up they might help you as it is not your mistake and you re not asking anything more, if they refuse to do anything then tell them your problem they might issue you the bouchers that you could use just near bye you, or just pass it to anyof your friend to use.

  5. Mr TEL says:

    Provided you’ve got the receipt, you’re entitled to a refund. Insist they credit your account or send you a cheque. Oh and explain to them why you won’t be going back there too. It’s not a great deal of money but that’s totally irrelevant.

  6. Peter W says:

    individual stores have no way to raise cheques to post to you

    they also cannot do a card refund easily without your card at the terminal – they have to do a card transaction which means you have to be there…..

    so that’s why they offer vouchers – they have no other way…

    you do have the right of a cash refund – as its their error and should pay reasonable expenses to you if this was not a normal journey – so to get cash – you have to return to the store – where they WILL give you a cash refund ( they all do).

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