Should The 17 Year Old Girl Make A Move On The 24 Year Old Guy?

Okay so there is a lot of background information needed here but i will try and be brief..
I am 17, turning 18 in 6 months time, and i joined a gym 6 months ago and got a personal trainer who is 24 years old. The PT is probably one of the nicest guys I’ve met although he is giving mixed signals towards me…So first of all i probably wouldnt still classify him as a ‘personal trainer’ for me but more of a friend. He picks me up on the way to the gym at least 3 times a week and also offers to come and pick me up from work all the time. We’ve hung out on the weekends a couple of times and hes recently been giving me some driving lessons as well. I probably see him almost every day at the gym or when he picks me up and we got on perfectly. He also bought be some new shirts and we went christmas light looking together one saturday night and went out to breakfast for pancakes just the two of us… nothing is ever more than just friends though, he doesnt ever try to make a move on me although always is curious about my ‘dating life’ i guess and pays for everything whenever we do something together. i told him i had a date with a guy (which i actually did, but it wasnt so great) and he made a joke saying ‘oh i might have to go check him out to make sure hes good enough for you’ and then laughed it off, but he actually seemed serious in a way. I like this guy more than I’ve ever liked anyone before and we get on so well but i dont know if he sees me the way i see him? Oh and also there was a group of us from the gym who went out for dinner/party one night and he said to me “you look extremely sexy for a 17 year old girl dressed up” but then added “but i dont want you to take it the wrong way okay?” and hugged me which was then time to go…so mixed signals or what? anyway that is probably the briefest story i can right seeing as this has been going on for 6 months. He has gone on holidays for 3 weeks at the moment although when he gets back we are going out for dinner just the 2 of us because he won a $100 voucher for training the winner of a gym challenge recently (which was me) and asked me to go with him because we kind of both won it. he also always makes comments such as “ah why cant you just be 18 already” and “if only 6 months could go faster” and “but your only 17 so..” etc.
So i guess i need some opinions on the whole situation here! Does this guy have feelings for me or just like me as a friend? is the age gap too large between us? should i make a move when we go out to dinner?
i just dont want to go making a move and destroying the friendship we have at the moment and losing a great personal trainer..although i feel like i have to know..And i dont want any negative comments about him being a creep or whatever because he is the complete opposite to that, ive been to his house many times and even watched movies at night with him and ive never ever felt unsafe, if anything i feel safer with him than without him.

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3 Responses to “Should The 17 Year Old Girl Make A Move On The 24 Year Old Guy?”

  1. Caden says:

    aww 24 is too old for you ..but you can make a move if you want to .

  2. Manchester United Fan says:

    i think making a move is not a good idea, just tell this guy you like him and see what he says because if you make a move it could ruin your frienship.

  3. Margueri says:

    Well you guys have 7 years of age difference and my parents have 6 years so it’s not too big i mean i read this book and this girl was 17 and they guy was 24 and the girl slowly started falling for the guy and then she kissed him when he was helping her with her math homework. And the guy stopped her after like 4 seconds and the girl ran up to her room crying but in the end the guy talked to his best guy friend and his guy friend told him if you love someone age doesn’t matter. So yeah maybe try talking to the guy and try to see what his intentions are towards you and such. I just realised I’m 12 and I know all this LOL anyway Good Luck!!

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