Should The Government Give Food Vouchers As Apposed To Cash As Benefits?

only valid for food and clothing,not valid for alcohol cigarettes,

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7 Responses to “Should The Government Give Food Vouchers As Apposed To Cash As Benefits?”

  1. she_woma says:

    It would just lead to more shoplifting pushing the price of our shopping and other taxes.

  2. Andrew K says:

    The amount of oversight that would require would require us to spend more money to offer less benefits. Yeah, it sucks that people on welfare can buy cigarettes with food stamps, but there hasn’t been a logical solution offered yet.

  3. moron says:

    i think yes.
    but i do also think that they should get a small amount of cash which they can use as they wish but i really do mean a small amount like a few pounds a week or something which they have to save up if they want to go out for a special occaision

  4. out2lunc says:

    No. It is not the government’s responsibility to feed or clothe anyone.

  5. Paul says:

    I can see where you are coming from but I think probably not; but in return there should be a stop to all these cries of ‘poverty’. People, even those on welfare, choose what they spend it on and if they make poor choices that’s their problem.

  6. old grumpy says:

    This was a suggestion made by an MP called Alec Shelbrooke that benefit claimants should be given cards instead of cash.
    You have to take your hat off to these fiddlers in Parliament. They have all these wonderful ideas to keep those in need in line and yet they could adopt the card system in Parliament, instead of fiddling with our Taxpayers money. Now I would think that this would be more of interest to all of us.

  7. robert x says:

    Yes they should too much money is wasted by claimants on stuff they don’t need ,

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