Should The House Of Representatives Be Able To Pass Laws Without The Other Branches Of Government Involved?

Or maybe paul ryan should become US Monarch

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11 Responses to “Should The House Of Representatives Be Able To Pass Laws Without The Other Branches Of Government Involved?”

  1. Creek10 says:

    NO, it has been this way for 235 plus years. Can’t have your way so you want to change the rules….
    Paul Ryan wants to give vouchers for Medicare, reduce and privatize Social Security, cut Education, cut welfare, cut everything except defense – US Monarch, don’t think so, but Conservative England will implement your tyrant King style rules…

  2. Brian says:

    Here again, we supposedly have check and balance because Congress is the combination of the lower house and the senate. Unfortunately, the Senate is a majority left wing whereas the lower house has a conservative monopoly, therefore nothing gets done when one washes the others efforts.
    What we need is a fourth branch of government, the Pentagon. Right now, it’s the people who are the fourth branch of government, that is why gun control must be defeated !

  3. expertga says:

    No. Having both the House and Senate insures of checks and balances.
    The US Monarch, Barack Obama, should also NOT be able to go around
    Congress when he wants something passed that they don’t pass. This
    has already happened numerous times from this dude. The worse part
    is that he gets by with it, somehow. He calls it “executive privilege”, He’s
    used this more than any other president of the U.S.

  4. Binky says:

    All three branches already HAVE that power, and it can be overridden by simple majority in the two branches not proposing the change…in the Executive Branch it is called an ‘executive order’, and in the Judicial Branch it is called “judicial review’…
    (That doesn’t make Ryan any less of a “Richard”, but hey…)

  5. Liberals says:

    You mean give them an authority similar to the Presidents ability to bypass Congress with executive actions? Funny how liberals just can’t see their own hypocrisy isn’t it?

  6. Hitlery Clinton says:

    Obama is already US monarch.
    MSNBC is his propaganda machine.

  7. G0D says:

    you mean pull a obama…and use excutive orders to get amesty to 1 million ILLEGALS!

  8. Char says:

    No. That’s unconstitutional.

  9. Pauge says:

    American invented eugenics.

  10. Paladin says:

    not a single member of the House believes that

  11. Suzee says:

    No.. to both.

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