Should We Allow School Vouchers To Give Students A Choice Of Education?

Many proposals have been made to provide school vouchers to all students which would then give them the choice of education. Rather than spending $10-12K per student in public schools we would issue vouchers for perhaps $6-7K which saves taxpayers $4-5K per student and allows freedom of choice and would encourage competition in education. For some reason democrats oppose giving students an opportunity for better education in private/charter schools.

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4 Responses to “Should We Allow School Vouchers To Give Students A Choice Of Education?”

  1. Kenny says:

    OH NO, that would undermine all the work the teachers unions have done over the years to protect incompetent teachers pay rate and jobs .

  2. matterma says:


  3. Steve says:

    Absolutely we should allow it! Nothing gets the NEA running scared more than competition.

  4. Antares says:

    Oh No the brainwashers cant have that now can they?

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