Similar dresses for bridesmaids?

I found the bridesmaid dress that all of them like and that i like but looking at our budget it’ll be a bit of a stretch buying it.
But its the only one that they all would wear and that i like too.

So i have to find a similar one that isnt as expensive!!
Its about £90 or 5 dont care where its from as long as its as cheap as i can get it.

Please give me links or pictures =]
Thank you in advance! =]
Highstreet shops too please. Even if theres something similar in primark i dont care – as long as its cheap and looks ok please =] is the dress by the way =]

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3 Responses to “Similar dresses for bridesmaids?”

  1. feoa21 says:

    I can custom make this dress

  2. ☆Fatty McFatass☆ says:

    try davids bridal

  3. colleen l says:

    Check out for the Best Prices Guaranteed!

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