Simultaneous Linear Equations Helpp?

A shopkeeper sold his entire stock of shirts and ties in a sale for $10,000. The shirts were priced 3 for $100 and the ties $20 each. If he had sold only half the shirts and two-thirds of the ties he would have received $6000. How many of each did he sell in the sale?

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One Response to “Simultaneous Linear Equations Helpp?”

  1. MechEng2 says:

    Assume that the shopkeeper had x ties and y shirts.
    100y/3 + 20x = 10,000
    100y/6 + 40x/3 = 6000
    Multiplying second equation by -2 and adding:
    -80x/3 + 20x = -2000
    -20x/3 = -2000
    x = 300 ties
    y = 120 shirts

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