Skeptical Of Online Poker Freerolls?

Well first off they are freerolls and they are free to play on many poker sites…that’s a good thing because you can actually win things and win free money without deposting money. I won a $500.00 gift voucher for 888 poker and it was free my items i bought were shipped to me within 2 weeks…but i deposited money before hand to win this…I also noticed if your a first time player for any poker site and play in these freerolls you will win most of your hands..and possibly win money..they do this for every new player to get them hooked thinking they will win….and as soon as you deposit things will drastically change try it out yourself…Also if you make more than one account on a poker site…and play in these freerolls you will lose almost everytime…I think they have this system in place because you can make 100 accounts on one freeroll to better your chances ….let’s say you lose on one account …well simple just log into another one and get another chance….but i know they have this little system in place in these freerolls. If you make more than one id with the same ip address the system knows this and you can’t win i tested this out.
And not only this happens in freerolls this happens in cash games and tournys they have this systems in place.

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One Response to “Skeptical Of Online Poker Freerolls?”

  1. Divide By Zero says:

    You’re only allowed to have 1 account anyway. You’re lucky all your accounts weren’t locked and your funds frozen.
    No, they don’t rig in favor of new players. I wish they did. Some years ago, my first 5 all-ins, I got rivered or turned.
    One of the nice things about freerolls is free practice. But you’re defeating the purpose of that…coming up with conspiracy theories is a sure way to never improve at poker.

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