Sky HD Installation

If you already have a Sky + Digibox, shut down and allow the Hard Disk to rest before unplugging or switching off from the mains. Unplug the cables from the rear of the existing box and unscrew the F-Connectors attaching the Coax and remove the box. Replace the old box with a new one and reconnect the Coax. Make sure that you are not connecting the telephone line into the RJ-45 Ethernet socket even by mistake.

Software updating: Hold down the 'BACK UP' button on the top of the unit and power up the unit by switching it on and plugging it in the socket. On powering up you can see that four lights are turned on, on the front of the unit. Release it after 30 seconds and you can see the lights are out. Now the box will be in standby mode. Wait for two more minutes.

Ensure that the HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Input) cable is connected, if you already have an HD ready TV. You can also connect the same in a traditional way using SCART if your HD TV needs its High Definition Multimedia Input to be enabled. If your Television has the digital connection disabled, remove your viewing card from the existing box and place it in the new box.

Take the box out of standby mode so you can view the Sky + HD demo screen. If you are not able to view this, scroll through your input options and double check your connections.

Press Services' 4, 0, 1 on your remote control and then press Select and scroll down to get INSTALLER SETUP. Follow: Installer Setup 'Select and scroll down again to get NEW INSTALLATION. Follow: New Installation 'Select and now scan for the available channels. You will get a window showing a channel line up or a screen showing the satellite signal length. Click OK to begin the callback process. At this point make sure that the box is connected to the phone to send the details to Sky.

For pairing the card to the new box you have to inform Sky that you have a new Digibox and that you want to use the Sky + facility. Contact Sky for activation and after activation you can experience Sky High Definition.

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