Slow Internet??????????????????????…

My internet is very slow. I have an ADSL line and it is hooked through a splitter to my modem. Which is the latest kind. My ISP is broadband and my internet is slow. The cable that is between the wall socket and my modem was bought from some discount store for cheap. My brother says this is the issues. Could list any solutions, or what the problem might be. I live in Australia in the outskirts of SE Melbourne.

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4 Responses to “Slow Internet??????????????????????…”

  1. Whatchai says:

    jump in front of a moving bus, that will fix it

  2. Henry Shepard says:

    Contact your internet connection company.
    And there is a possibility of problem in modem.

  3. Nat says:

    Ask your internet provider for a statement on your internet speed
    If they say its fine, try not having multiple people on at one time and/or buy a new router.

  4. Hire a Yacht in says:

    check your ADS L modem issue and your ADS L modem is ok its mean the issue is your internet proved call to internet proved and resolve the issue…..

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