Sms Problem. Need A Serious Advice…. What Should I Do?

As you all know mobile service providers in India decreasing number sms on vouchers.. I generally do a lot of sms through out the day. 3000 sms more then enough for me in a moth. So the recharge vouchers which are available its not sufficient for me. I had also checked all the other companies, but none were helping with the issue. Is there any way out? I mean any app or anything that can allow me to sms more then 3000 in a moth? I use Nokia symbian series 60 phone. What should I do so that I can sms in a cheap rate also can recive sms at the same tym on same number. Please tell me some useful idea… Thank you in advance…

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5 Responses to “Sms Problem. Need A Serious Advice…. What Should I Do?”

  1. Chandra kant says:

    cdma phone and sim will be very good for you

  2. Stephani says:

    You should get an unlimited texting plan. With any company, it should be no more from $25-35 monthly.
    I have an android phone so my bill is $50 a month bc I have unlimited talk text and web. So without the web it is way cheaper…

  3. Chelly Trejo says:

    I the us… Go to google play store & search for a free app for txing (free sms or free tx& i used free tex plus its good. Am not sure if ur phone downloads tiz app u should chek it out…

  4. Honey says:

    try for BSNL
    u get about 1000 msgs for valid period of 15 days, n just for some 30 bucks, and u can recharge the sms vouchers how many ever times you want in a month,

  5. KoOl GuY says:

    get yourself wats app messenger and pay for the internet only free uncountable msgs can be done

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