So I Just Bought Some Football Cleats?

They were on sale ($99.99 down to $29.99), they are Adidas, and they were SUPER light. This may be a stupid question, but should I wear Nike socks with it? My football team has a very strange disrespect to people who wear mixed sports brands. They respect Nike. I already have a truck full of Nike socks.

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2 Responses to “So I Just Bought Some Football Cleats?”

  1. Jon says:

    What’s more important? How you look? Or how you play?

  2. Cobble says:

    Dude, screw what the team thinks. You and everybody else is on that team for one purpose. To play the game of football and win. You’re not on the team to make a fashion statement. You’re on it to play. And people respect people more who live their lives and do things their way.Hell, I sometimes wear novelty socks with sneakers(Jordans & ZigZags) but I don’t people stop me. Besides, they’re JUST Socks, What does it matter? You wear socks with almost everything you wear. You don’t have to go by their standards of what is the right attire. If you wore Adidas elbow pads with Nike Wrist bands or Nike gloves, I wuldn’t care. It’s ONLY Equipment! It’s equipment. LAst example. take RG3 for example. He wore Superman novelty socks on draft day and they had capes on them. But all in all, It’s only sports equipment and clothing. Don’t let it worry you. I respect people who live life their way to their desire and not how others think it should be

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