So It’s Hard For Me To Tell Does His Guy Like Me?

Soo there’s this sales man at my cell phone store that’s in a shopping mall I go to frequently… For he past year this sales guy and I have been talking alot like everytime Ive went too go pay my bill he’s usually always there. When one of the other guys tries help jay is like no I can help you over here and he’s like so what’s up I’m like paying my bill haha and he’s like of course and as he’s doing the stuff on he computer he keeps looking up and stating at me then when I look at him he looks back at the computer then He like so what’s up or he’ll run his hands thru his shoulder length hair then he’ll stretch and run his hand thru his hair again haha and I’ve noticed he does that littl routine about four or five times while I’m there and sometimes ill go in there for no reason just to talk and my mom knows all the guys there soo ya and then since the food court is right near the phone store jay is like mhmm that smells good smell that pizza? I could def go for some right now then he’s like ya u should totally buy me some then laughs then in like oh ya then what I’m really curious about
Is yesterday I was there pay my bill we were talking then asks so what you doing Friday I’m like idk nothing prob come here to do some shopping he’s like ohh ok you know I come in here at like 2 for work but I’ll be in earlier maybe can have some pizza in the food court or something I’m like yeah maybe he’s like alrite I’m like ok haha bye
So I’m kinda confused he ask me out? Or was he kidding? I be there shopping but I don’t know if I should stop by and be like hey how about that pizza and he was just flirting ands joking th I’ve made a fool out of myself but then on the other hand what if he’s serious and I just blow him off and hes like so why didn’t you come see me that day or whatever…I like him I think he’s really cute and nice and I know he likes my body and thinks im nicecause my friend found out for me a few days earlier but mhmm….
Urg he isn’t being very clear what he wants and I’m so confused help?!

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