So Yesterday Me And My Fiancee Went Christmas Shopping And Im Not Sure Wether This Is Fair Please Read?

(we got paid a lot yesterday because for my daughters whole life we havnt had any money from social for her so were not rich or anything)so ive spent different amounts on everyone…
Lucy-16 i got her this mac makeup set which was £15 and i got her a £10 mac voucher
jacob-13 i got him a 3D MAN U poster-£7 a man u cup £5 a football anual £7 man united football£10
bethany-13 i got her 1directions cd- £10 and a 1d phone case for her BB £10
caylum-12 i got him a 3d COD poster £7 this cod cover for his ps3 pad £15
jessica 10 JB’s new perfume ‘girlfriend’ 50ml bottle £25 JB’s annual £4 jB poster £4
kenndel 7 disney princess shaker maker £10 princess inflatable chair £10 princess colouring book £2 princess p.j’s £6
Harley-Ben 10 scooter £15, ben 10 dvd’s 3 different ones £10 ben 10 pj’s £5
is it fair that they all have different amounts spent on them or should i make it so they all have the same? not much difference but there piles look so different

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6 Responses to “So Yesterday Me And My Fiancee Went Christmas Shopping And Im Not Sure Wether This Is Fair Please Read?”

  1. M says:

    No, kids shouldn’t be worried about how much is spent on them. They aren’t going to know how much each thing cost and they shouldn’t know either. So long as you think they will like their gifts, there shouldn’t be a problem.

  2. Quoth the raven - "Nevermore." says:

    I do not buy presents for my kids based on how much money each gift costs. As long as they have equal AMOUNTS of presents, it doesn’t matter to me if if there’s a difference in price. They each get a main gift, and then several smaller gifts. If the piles are equal, nobody feels left out.

  3. KashhBos says:

    If you spent as much as you could then it’s okay . You’re a good mom to buy all of them things that they like . You should just give them a few dollars to spend on themself . & they’ll be happy(:

  4. Ray C says:

    don`t see a problem unless your kids are the sort that think about, not what they have but how much dose it costs ,

  5. steven says:

    I absolutely understand your concern.
    My wife and I have always tried to keep the spending balanced among the kids, but finally discovered that, while it was always worth paying attention to, they really weren’t thinking that way.
    What worked for us (them really) was to give them each a relatively major gift of about equal value (it made us feel we were being fair). The cost of the other gifts varied, but we focused on the number of gifts so that as they took turns opening them, none felt slighted.
    You sound like a very good parent.

  6. Asha says:

    It doesn’t matter who you are buying presents for, it doesn’t matter how much you spent on them. I know this is a cliche I am about to say but “it’s the thought that counts” it’s true. You have a lot of people to buy things for also which would be a lot of money if you spent something like £20 quid each. So the amount you have spent is more than ok.

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