Solutions For Adhd/bipolar/depression?

I have been diagnosed by a psychiatric almost 3 years ago with this disorder (I hate that name) since then I have been on and off different medications. Whenever they change them they last for a few months (6 to 8) and then I am back to being edgy, not even depressed. I am on Vyvanse for the ADHD and I love it. They had the Vyvanse combined with a low dose of lamictial that was working for a few weeks and then they had to up the dose. Now they took me completely off the lamictial and switched it back to Abilify (taken off 2 years ago bc I got pregnant, but worked well). They also added a low dose of Effexor. I do not have insurance. I had to drop my psychiatric and now i am dealing with my regular doctor. I have a discount card to receive the Vyvanse for free. But the Effexor and the Abilify are CRAZY expensive. I can receive the Abilify for a responsible price from Canada (crazy I have to go there). However it will take up to 4 weeks to receive and I have no samples. I can’t afford the Effexor at all and I am working on getting a discount. My question is what the heck can I do until I get these medication in my system? My relationship has been so bad with the people close to me that they are trying to stay away. That includes my husband. I really am trying to control my anger, emotions and my short fuse to deal with frustration. If anyone can help or guide me to some good advice I would really appreciate it. I am at my wits end with this and just want to have a normal life. Thank you.

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  1. Jay says:

    I didn’t read any of that, just the title, but I am ADHD, ADD, Bipolar, and I have a Reading disorder. I was put on a bunch of meds that made me gain a lot of weight, but now I am taking Welbuptrin, it’s a anti depressant pill. It has helped with my anger and depression. I am also running 5 miles every morning, and OMG I feel like a million bucks after every run.

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