Some Cruise Discounts?

What are some ways to get great discounts for cruises
Im taking like 6 people(including me) and a child
I need to know any way to save money
I would like to get balcony rooms as well

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  1. Artemisc says:

    If you have already identified the cruise you are interested in, try You register, put in the cruise, room preferences, etc, and you will be alerted as offers from different brokers come in. I’ve not purchased through them, but I know people who have. And you can easily vet the agents on travel sites and the Better Business Bureau.
    If you want to go i the near term, try the 90 day ticker on

  2. RoofingP says:

    There generally are not child fares.
    And six people is not a big enough group to qualify for a discount.
    You can save some money by selecting one cabin which is set up for four people and one for two people, or two cabins each for three people. This is because the third and fourth person in a cabin generally pay a lower fare than the first two people.
    There may be discounts based on your state of residence, or if someone in your party is over 55 years old, or is military; however, these discounts are not always offered, generally only when a cruise is not selling well and hey want to attract more customers.
    You will usually find lower prices on cruises on the older ships in the fleet than on the new ones with all the fancy amenities like ziplines, flowriders, water slides, etc.
    Balcony rooms are some of the more expensive cabins on the ship. Interior and oceanview cabins are less expensive and a reasonable choice if you’re trying to save money.

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