Some good questions i can take to car sales interviews?

I have been invited to two different interviews later this month for car sales jobs within top showrooms, both are major car companies. I am busy trying to prepare myself so i can be my best for these interviews, i just wandered if i could possibly get some good question ideas i can ask?

I am wanting a career change and going from a position which has nothing to do with cars, even just some helpful information if someone has been in car sales interviews before would be a real help.


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One Response to “Some good questions i can take to car sales interviews?”

  1. Thomas says:

    First off they will ssking the questions. when asked why do you want to sell cars answer to make money. they will adk you to sell you an item to see skills. point out value, ask them a closed end question that is where they have to make a choice not a yes or no answer. would you like a dozen or gross light color dark color etc. its about closing. always be closing. and always remember the best car you ever sild is the one your selling now. alsi the number one oroduct your selling is you. if people like you they will spend more with you.

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