Some great deals in London/Harrow?

I’m about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. To be free, find myself and become experienced in life and it’s bearing gifts. It’s called ‘moving out’.

Pfft. No. But seriously, does anyone know any sites or magazines or any other type of media I can look into for some student freedom/deals I can get in London and/or the surrounding area up North Western way? I’m probably renowned for being the worst person in the whole universe with money and often end up spending more than I should do.

Hopefully, this ‘adventure’ of a life time helps me with my maths.

BUT YEAH. Sites such as Time Out London was pretty good. Problem was: It was easy to find. Which means it probably isn’t the best in my experience of unluckiness. SO GO ON YAHOO ANSWERS. Cough those sites up and make me and some other random students happy.

If you need to know, I am an art student, so maybe that effects me in a way that everything has to much more expensive. ;D

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2 Responses to “Some great deals in London/Harrow?”

  1. phoenix2frequent says:

    Start with getting a student Oystercard – this will save you 30% on the cost of a travelcard.

    Check the local free papers (Harrow Times and Harrow Observer) for news about events happening locally.

    And the noticeboard at the local library.

    The local Vue cinema does discounts for students and teens (20% off adult rates, I think). Plus if you go at quiet times of week / day, prices are cheaper anyway.

    The Moon on the Hill is Wetherspoons offering in Harrow, so you can expect the usual decent-value drinks and meal-deals there…

    Have a look at your own college / uni’s website: they’ll probably be doing a round of student offers too. For instance, Westminster Uni (with campus at Harrow) has one of these at the start of term.

  2. peanut 2 says:

    Well I live in Harrow and we do have a lot of students because of the local Universities.
    But we dont have random student accommodation which is not saved for the Uni students.

    As for like going out deals, the local pubs etc all do student nights.
    Junction on a Tuesday is very popular

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