some questions about the sale ??

well i thought that there was a sale at the end of the month at stardoll but its the 26 and there is a sale but not on the any dkny or abbey dawn clothes and iw as just wandering will they go on sale and if they do when and how often do new dkny ranges come out.. ?


thanks 🙂

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  1. Bright*Eyez says:

    Hi :).

    – Sale’s are quite rare to be honest! They usually don’t have one every month- more like 2-3 months instead.
    – The Abbey Dawn Collection has just recently been introduced so there is no way it would be in the sale 🙂 ! Same goes with the DKNY collection as well I suppose. Although the pink/black/yellow collection has been out for a while, the orange and black collection has just recently gone.
    – DKNY is usually also on sale. The orange and black collection was, although it was superstar only (surprise surprise).
    – New DKNY ranges come out every season- so 4 a year roughly :).

    Hope this helps! X

  2. lude08 says:

    the dkny ranges come out every season, when the dkny in real life has a new clothes line out. And sometimes when they have sales at the end of the month, they dont have a sale on any designer clothes like dkny and abbery dawn because the clothes are too popular. The dkny and abbery dawn sales will be on when new season stock somes in.
    Hope this helps x

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