Someone Give Me A Straight Answer So Confused?

my bundle:
my gpu:
dont know what power supply to get ive been told 750, 600, 450, 500 wtf someone give me a straight answer?

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  1. n/a says:

    Most modern day video cards require at least 500-550w, but a general rule is to get no less then a 100w more then what is required
    So if a card requires 500w you would get 600w for overhead purposes (overclocking, additional components)
    And why come here instead of going to

  2. Kerry says:

    here is a link to asus power usage calcutor, enter as many details as you can
    every part of your pc uses power and it never hurts to add a little more in case of expansion or upgrading…

  3. alk99 says:

    It can never be a bad thing if your buy one that has more power than you need…. what IS bad is if you buy one that does NOT have enough power for your needs (this should in most cases rule out the lowest powered ones you are looking at automatically). So in this case right now that leaves you with a 600 and a 750… there is really not that large a difference at this point… let price guide you at this point.

  4. Jhay Huet says:

    600 is enough and 750 is more than enough
    (*take note the more hardware installed like hard disk drive, system fans, cd/dvd rom, the more power is needed.)
    im sure in 600….

  5. Mathius says:

    The Radeon HD 6770 requires a minimum of 450w + 1x 6pin power.
    Always go 20-25% more wattage than minimum to give room for upgrades and or overclocking
    OCZ modxstream pro 600w
    Is ideal and is under £60.
    Check eBay and Google shopping

  6. Tom says:

    you also need to get a good make of power supply… i would get a 750 but that spec would be fine with a 600w.. recommend a corsair

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