South African equievelants of shops in the UK?

I would like to know the South African equivalents to the following shops found in the UK please.

Marks & Spencer’s

JD Sports


Bluewater (large shopping centers)

Tesco/ Sainsbury’s (large food superstores)

Thank you!

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4 Responses to “South African equievelants of shops in the UK?”

  1. woollysheep says:

    Marks & Spencer in the UK is the same as Woolworths in SA.
    Tesco is very similar (but I don’t know if there is any legal connection) to Pick’nPay.
    There are lots of large shopping centres in SA – you would have to ask the local in the town you were in.
    For electrical appliances I would check Game first. They don’t have a wide range, but tend to be a good price. Hirsch’s used to be a good store for electrical appliances – more expensive, but good quality and service.

  2. Zweli says:

    I am south african
    What’s your interest in the shops
    None of those listed found in Mzansi
    We talking
    THE list goes on, I can be help based on S A

  3. onetime says:

    I am not 100% sure what all of those shops are like, but here are some of the well known ones we have and what they do:

    Mr Price – very affordable and very fashionable (clothes often look identical or very similar to Topshop’s) they have a bit of a reputation for lacking in quality, but for that price and fashionability I don’t care. They also have a Mr Price Sport shop and a Mr Price Home shop.
    Edgars – big store with a large selection men and ladieswear, and the country’s biggest/most successful cosmetics shop.
    Foschini – fashionable and good quality but a bit expensive for us (won’t be for those euros of yours 🙂 )
    Woolworths – sells clothing and food. Known for good quality. Well loved by most of the country.
    Totalsports – sports and athletic wear
    Sportscene – clothing with ‘street cred’. Doing well with the younger crowd. Huge selection of converse.

    We have many different ones in different locations but they are not as large as the ones in UK will be. Some of them include Canal Walk (the biggest in the country), Sandton Mall, V&A Waterfront, Menlyn Mall, Clearwater Call, West Pavillion, Cavindish square.

    Game (now owned by wallmart) is like a wallmart but smaller.
    Pick n Pay is probably the best big food store. Checkers is in the same league as them.

    What you will always hear from somebody coming from a trip to UK or USA is how incredibly big the stores are and what a wide selection of things they sell, so in general the stores in SA is not there yet.

  4. cakes4southafrica says:

    The best we can do in the Marks and SPencers line is Woolworths

    Tesco and Sainsburys are similar to Picknpay and Checkers

    Every city and large town has at least one shopping centre.

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