Spanish Help Please!!! Verdecillo, You Out There?

Spanish Help – Looking for “Verdecillo” for this one :)?
Can you help with this? I know you are a teacher, so hopefully you can help me.
I have this assignment – my teacher is just confusing me. I can’t get started because, I am not sure what to do Can you give me a few example sentences to do this? I have been afraid to turn it in incorrectly. Thank you!
My teacher gave us a handout on sentence structure. Which says you should put the sentence together like this:
main clause (verb indicative) + que + Dependent/subordinate clause (verb – Subjunctive or indicative -depends on main clause)
Here is the question:
Cuando estabas caminando por la playa, encontraste una botella muy antigua. Al frotar la botella con tu mano, sale un genio azul. Él dice, “Tus deseos son órdenes. Ya que he estado en la botella por tanto tiempo, te concederé cinco deseos en vez de tres. ¿Qué quieres que yo haga por ti?”
Escribe cinco frases completas explicando lo que quieres que el genio haga usando el modo subjuntivo.
Could you please help me?

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