Speaker Rca Phono Extension Cable?

How many gauge is this wire and would any power be lost when extending my Logitech z 2300 satellites? Does this cable have a higher core? The reviewers say that there is no volume loss when extending the speakers.http://www.amazon.co.uk/Double-Shielded-…
I’ve put a few questions up about this cable and some say that there is no loss and some say there is. Which is right?

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One Response to “Speaker Rca Phono Extension Cable?”

  1. ZerosInf says:

    Can’t speak as to the gauge count, as it is not listed on the specs. You could cut into one and count the threads if you’re really really curious. As for volume loss… as you increase the distance the signal has to travel you are also increasing the resistance the electrical impulses have to overcome. No conductor is 100% perfect or rather has zero resistance… not even gold though gold has one of the lowest levels of resistance. So yes the longer the signal travels the more resistance it encounters and the more power it loses in the form of heat. Increasing the gauge count can help to minimize this effect over long distances, but a really high gauge count is not recommended for short distances.
    So yes volume is lost, but here’s the kicker… you would need to extend the speakers to a ridiculous unreasonable length before your ears could actually detect said volume loss. If we’re talking about taking a speaker from a 6′ foot cable to say a 24′ foot cable… the difference in volume is sooo minute only Data from star trek could tell the difference in volume.
    hope this helps

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