Speeding In Massachusetts – My Hearing Is Tomorrow, Advice, Please!?

Hi everybody,
I have to go to court tomorrow for speeding at 53 mph in a 35 mph zone (in Massachusetts). I’m 26 year old, male, and I have never had a ticket before, and never had an at-fault accident. I’m usually a very cautious driver.
Can you please recommend the best behavior so the ticket doesn’t go on record? I don’t mind paying for the fine but I don’t want my insurance to skyrocket. Please help me figuring out how to behave and what to say!
Thanks a lot!

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One Response to “Speeding In Massachusetts – My Hearing Is Tomorrow, Advice, Please!?”

  1. Jannice says:

    tell the judge your sorry and you’d like to take traffic school if this is your first offense.
    you should have just paid and done traffic school, and you would have saved time and not have to appear in court.
    but it is what it is. i did my traffic school online with gototrafficschool.com and used a discount code: X2K-7CF-4F5 and saved their course.
    for the finals, i searched traffic school answers 2012 and found a reviewer and studied it, before taking the test.

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