Sprucing Up for Spring with a New Bathroom Vanity

It's here again … that time of the year when we dive into spring cleaning and sprucing up the house. What better project to tackle than renovation that old bathroom with a fresh look! Most of us do not remodel our bathrooms often, and some of us probably have vanities in our bathrooms that time forgot! The easiest and fastest way to renew the look of your bathroom of three decades ago is to replace the bathroom vanity, because the vanity is usually the centerpiece of the washroom, or the first thing you and your guests will look at upon entering the bathroom. In order to efficiently and painlessly give your bathroom a makeover with a new vanity, you should determine your space limitations, keep the whole project within your price range, and find a style that will blend seamlessly into the rest of the house décor.

Ok, now it's time to get out the measuring tape and head into your bathroom. You can measure your old vanity, and see how much space it's occupying. Do you want your new bathroom vanity to fit in exactly this space, or would you like a larger or smaller unit? If you can fit a double sink vanity in the space, that is always a welcome and luxurious upgrade, but if you do not have the space for two sinks, there are plenty of stylish single sink and cabinet designs you can install. The measuring step is very important, because it would be very frustrating to find the perfect bathroom furniture, get it all the way home, and then find out that it does not really fit the space. So save the headache and do your homework before you even start shopping, so you are only looking at vanities that will work in the unique space of your bathroom.

Before you start your new bathroom vanity search, it will also be a good idea for you to set a budget for your bathroom makeover and stick to it. We have all heard horror stories from friends and neighbors about remodels or even makeovers going way over budget, and this usually happens if you do not carefully plan the necessary expenses or if you simply do not stay within your means. An easy method to keep that temptation to overspend at bay is to simply narrow down your search to find bathroom vanities that are only within a certain price range. For instance, if you want to spend no more than $ 2000 on your new vanity, then do not sit there pining away for those $ 8000- $ 12,000 top of the line bathroom furniture pieces. That just wasted your precious time, and you might be tempted to spend money you do not have the more you peruse those that are not in your price range.

Chances are that if you replace your bathroom vanity that you are doing a style upheaval on the whole bathroom. This may include new fixtures, or just new rugs and towels, and countertop accessories, but whatever you choose to include in this spring sprucing up on the old washroom, make sure that you choose a fluid design theme that works with the rest of your home . When looking for the centerpiece of your bathroom, the vanity, you will want to look at vanities that will correspond with your existing décor or the décor you would like to use in your bathroom makeover. It would be quite the eyesore if you chose an antique or Victorian style bathroom vanity if you have a contemporary house setting or vice versa. So when you are looking at new bathroom furniture pieces for your spring spruce up in the bathroom, choose the right style to blend in seamlessly to your home's décor, do your preliminary measurements, and only look at vanities that are in the right price range for Your home improvement budget.

Source by Jane Worthington

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