Asking Me For $30 When I Didn’t Know It Apparently Charged?

I signed up for Statfuse quite a long time ago, I don’t really know when but definitely a number of months ago and I haven’t really been on it since because I needed things I’d get when I got older to use it like my SAT and ACT scores. I got an e-mail from them this morning saying I owed them $30 because I got a half off discount when I first joined and then they added a $15 late fee for some sort of account renewal. I think I found the website either by my Careers teacher or, both of which did NOT say that it was supposed to be paid for. It also says when you first come to that it gives ” interactive tools that students can use for FREE.”
Please help me, I have no money/job and I’m only 15. I just wanted some college help, I don’t want to pay or tell my parents since in this hard economy we don’t have much money to spare on some mistake I made when I was younger….

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One Response to “ Asking Me For $30 When I Didn’t Know It Apparently Charged?”

  1. Charlie Tuna says:

    If may be a fraudulent request – Go ahead and contact them directly, they have a phone number: 424-235-7610.

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