Steam Summer Sale Refund?

Okay so, I bought Fallout New Vegas for about £15.00 a few months back.
The ultimate edition is now for sale for about £8.00. Now this obviously really annoys me. Is there anyway I can get a refund on the first one I bought or something?
Thanks for any help.

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5 Responses to “Steam Summer Sale Refund?”

  1. Karolis says:

    lol no it’s not possible… I brought Team Fortress 2 before it was free and now you can get premium by just paying low price for an item.. I’ve also had many games that I brought without sales but that’s just for you.. You should of known that there’s gonna be a huge summer sale and should of waited.. It’s your business not theirs sorry bro

  2. jade j says:

    It’s only £7

  3. Meow Meow San says:

    No. It doesn’t work like that. If you bought it say a day before the Summer Sales, then they might give you a refund, but you see: you had a *few months* to play that game already.

    Would it be fair if you owned a computer store and sold a client a computer for $500, just to have that same client come back 3 months later and demand he get a new and more powerful computer you’re selling for less?

    You can try, but I am 99% sure they won’t refund it.

    Since they have the Summer Sale going on, go ahead and buy the other DLC’s for cheap. Sure, it may seem like you got ‘bad deal’, but you also have to realize you had a few months to play the game already. 15 pounds, a few months ago? I think you got a great deal.

    I bought Skyrim back in November 2011 for $47. They were selling it for less than $30 a couple of weeks ago. I wouldn’t ask Steam to give me a $17 refund just because now they’re selling it for less. I would say I received a huge bargain which gave me a good 8 months worth of cheaper than retail gaming.

  4. Moe says:

    Afraid not brother, may i ask whats the difference? If its like a dlc just purchase he dlc that would probably be cheaper

  5. MaX says:

    Most of times, Steam doesn’t refund you money.

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