Steam's summer sale encore?

People are telling me that the daily deals on at the moment, scheduled to end tomorrow at 6pm, are the last daily deals of the sale? Is this true?

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2 Responses to “Steam's summer sale encore?”

  1. Alexgalexy says:

    Ya, they are. Steam usually takes the best deals they put in the past days and put them all in the end as the "Encore" sale. These are the LAST Daily Deals of this year’s Summer Sale, so if you find a game you like on it, snatch it now, cuz they’re all going to their original price in about 19 hours from me writing this. There still are the other deals and the flash sales to keep us company until the sale ends and if you’re interested in other games.

  2. MaX says:

    Yes, today’s the last day to buy anything from the Steam store. After the sale is over, Steam will return back to normal prices

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