@steveo My Response To Your Answer?

I pick your answer just because I like to argue lol but I’m not hating that way people could see both consoles.
Yes of course ps3 network went down. And I can’t do anything about it. They gave us free games but it wasn’t that big.Ps3 YouTube can be played at 720pAnd the reason I like their online network is that it’s true that they offer more.When you get the plus like the Xbox membership. You get 2 free games every month and discounts and also early dlc’s that’s if you want to join. And in fact ps3 has better graphics.Ps3 has a few games that are in 1080pIt’s just that they have to downgrade because of the games being released. It’s mostly because of Xbox cannot produce the same resolution of the ps3. And it would take extra for the producers to improve the graphics.
Exclusive games are great in the ps3 we won the best exclusives award. And we have more.
Yes Xbox has their share of their exclusives. But the only real exclusives are gears of war. The others were originated from PC so Microsoft can be really lazy.
Ps3 gets weekly deals and in the holiday price go down below 30$ too. So it basically like steam.
And yes ps3 is not backward compatible but if you own a ps3 account you could download your games right in your ps4 which you could still play your games. And that’s when you have the advantage of the plus.Everyone thing ps plus gives you crappy games but it doesn’t It gives you games that are popular and that you can keep
I’ve been comparing them for a while and playstation came out to be the winner. The producers are offering more and work harder. Ps3 would have also been playing PC high quality game graphics if it wasn’t for the 360 making it downgrade its graphics. The only advantage for the PC is the mods and most of them aren’t even that good.Thanks for your opinion though.

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