Stihl 044 Chainsaw Questions?

Hi guys and gals I am currently looking at a used stihl 044 for sale.(£150) It is a Game Keeper that owns it and says it has not been overworked. What do you think?

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2 Responses to “Stihl 044 Chainsaw Questions?”

  1. STEPHEN says:

    A gamekeeper is going to use a chainsaw a lot more than a regular person but you need to check the condition.

  2. george nash says:

    Check locally and find out how that price compares with a new one(or a similar model). Ask your self is that saw going to do what I want to use it for. If the price is good and the use is ok then get the seller to fire it up and demonstrate how well it still works. Stihl makes good saws. The appearance should give a clue as to how much he used it.

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