Still Angry After Last Nights Disagreement?

Hi, last night my husband and I had a terrible disagreement. He socializes quite often as he is a sales manager, which I don’t mind, last night he phoned and said he is going for a few drinks with a colleague after work, I had asked him to get some food for us and also asked him not to be home too late, which he said he won’t. He phoned me 19:30 to let me know he’s on his way home, I got a bit upset, by that time I was hungry and just tired and we had a tiff over the phone. When he got home he ignored me, so after giving him some space to have a shower I went to him and said just want to apologize but I’m just a bit angry that you came home a bit late after I asked that you be home earlier tonight.
He immediately crossed him arms, and had such a terrible attitude, I could see his anger, he told me that he wasn’t late, he told me he is going for drinks, he had a tough day at work and he doesn’t see why he should come home and worry that he is doing something wrong to upset me. I explained to him why I got upset, and he just kept on telling me that he did nothing wrong, I said to him that it’s not about being right or wrong, but he has to understand why I feel this way even if he doesn’t agree with me, it’s about understand and respecting my point of view too. I tried my best to communicate and resolve the problem, but it was pointless really. I apologized that I made it tough for him and told him I didn’t meant to make his “home coming” difficult, my apology was sincere. But truthfully, he stayed extremely angry, eventually I just said I’ll give him space to calm down and I went to sleep, I was really saddened it’s difficult when someone you love not only exudes such extreme anger towards you but is not even willing to resolve it or talk it out. This morning he brought me coffee in bed, he apologized by saying I’m sorry we were angry at each other last night.
How is saying sorry for both of us meaning you apologized? The thing with my husband is he avoids confrontation as best possible. And he completely shuts down. You have to understand, I accept the social part of my hubby’s work, like last weekend for example he took a bunch of his clients to watch rugby, he left home that afternoon around 13:00 and only came home just before 04:00am the next morning, I had no problem with it because I knew he was going to entertain clients, the whole of Sunday I spent cooking for him and making his day nice as he was tired and a bit hungover.
Him accusing me last night that I make things difficult, or that I don’t understand the pressures of his job is a lie, everyday I do and behave in a way to not stress him out, if I have a bad day once I’m not allowed to be irrational at all? And everything is just about him, his job everything, but what about me, perhaps I also had a tough day, but he doesn’t care?
I’m just still angry over the fight, although we made “peace” I still feel hurt. But now I know it’s better to rather keep things for myself, because I don’t feel that we have a safe zone for me to express my feelings.

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5 Responses to “Still Angry After Last Nights Disagreement?”

  1. Sarah Takahashi says:

    Why are you even putting up with his selfish behaviour? He needs to be told you’re allowed to be emotional as well!
    He was in the wrong last night and you should NOT be apologising for his behaviour!
    I’m surprised you’re still with someone that selfish, I’d have given him the boot a long time ago as he seems to think everything revolves around him and yet you don’t mention that he does anything for you, except cause you hassle and annoyance along with headaches.

  2. sonriel says:

    Tell him he can come home to unwind instead of going for drinks on those nights. Sooner or later the drinking will get the best of him and that may be what’s happening now

  3. Delores Sanbourne says:

    I think you’re overreacting…a lot.

  4. Sarah says:

    I don’t see why you had a problem he was home at 19.30 that’s not late if you was that hungry then you could of made yourself a sandwich or something.
    He should be able to unwind after work without being naged to come home early cos ur hungry

  5. soconfus says:

    Your marriage is heading towards divorce if you keep on being a selfish spoiled woman, who wants her husband not to be a man, but a doormat, who doesn’t care about anything but her opinion beinh “heard” no matter how much the other party was hurt by her nagging and fighting, and no matter whether they need time to figure out why their wife is being so bossy and control freak!!!???
    He’s better off without you, and to all those bitter spinsers over yahoo advising you to leave your wonderful husband, they are lurking around to steal him from you. No married woman would ever dream of having her husband serve her coffee in bed after she hurt him and minimized his manhood the previous night, and the apology! WHY SHOULD HE APOLOGIZE TO YOU??! for staying out after the curfew set by his boss/wife??!
    You’re heading towards divorce, and you’ll never find someone as nice as him. He’ll find MANY women better than you awaiting, at least they would not set a curfew for him, and nag all night to be “heard” when his is deeply hurt and just needs to cool down and to be left alone. Is that too much to ask???!

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