Stingy Friend… Or Am I Expecting So Much Or Am I A Stingy One Too?

OK, I have this friend from abroad, she lives alone in a nice 3 storey house (all herself!), nice job, nice SUV… she loves to come to my country and stay at my home which I’m really happy for it… I love to have friends at home and like to treat very well my guests by paying everything for them: restaurants, transport, everything… she is my guest… and she comes every 6 months… well, this situation have been going for around 3 years… Last year I lost my job so I’m unemployed but ok since my husband works and only just forced to be a housewife, is ok just you know, expenses have to be adjusted like shopping only discounted stuff, couponing a lot, shortened vacations etc..
Months ago went to visit her, thinking OK this is a good opportunity to go to visit her staying at her home, you know like I do to her….. OK, first she cannot drive inside the airport to pick me up because have to pay parking space so I have to walk outside the airport to be picken up by her (ok, not a problem)… then at home OMG, noticed that she had a lot of expired food at home (those purchased last minute because of the so close expiry) so I’m served with expired food… even cans noticed expired in 2004… for the accomodations I can’t complain she gave me a nice room with private bathroom with lots of toiletries of hotels where she stayed when she travels for job reasons… OK I would love to go to downtown just for sightseeing, well she says the parking in downtown is so expensive so she will drop me by the city’s ring and I have to get the local transport to get to the city center, OK I understand… OK now, this is the good part… let’s go out to have dinner, I tell her not so expensive places but nice and good priced… yes they are… OK, I expect at the end her to pay the bill since this time I’m the guest but graciously she has to go to the toilet to refresh her face and takes long time… so I end up paying the bill, since was lying in the table for over 10 minutes… days after, dinner out again, I expect her to anticipate to pay the bill but she has to phone her elderly parents to check how they are etc… ok, long chit chat and I end up paying the bill again… drinks in a bar, more or less the same…
I returned home after that visit disappointed about her, but is not a huge problem since she is just a foreign friend who lives in a foreign country… well she just came days ago and this time I tried to act like her, can’t use the car since the gasoline is so expensive and plus need to pay highway tolls to get to the airport so I decided to go to pick her up at the airport with the local bus… complains… how come, are you such a bad financial situation etc. etc yes I am… ok at home no prime good foods for her, no special cooking for her, just frozen food and lots of veggies (she hates veggies)… here she complains… OK, she is a smart woman so she MUST get the messagge… OK lunch in a not so expensive restaurant (to be honest very good priced) and here she goes again, toilet, have to take pictures and I’m again sitting alone with the bill lying in front of me… OK finally she has to travel back to her homecountry, lets go by bus, and she says no way she is willing to pay the taxi, OK I ordered the taxi and guess what?? I’m already waiting at the sidewalk with her luggage but she cannot find the wallet so I end up paying the taxi and saying stupidly: you’re my guest… and not even the slightest intention of giving me back the money…..
OK I should have been more firm regarding the taxi ride (stupid of me of being nice!) I like to be nice to guests in my homecountry but I feel this is a bit abuse from her but am I expecting so much of her?????

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2 Responses to “Stingy Friend… Or Am I Expecting So Much Or Am I A Stingy One Too?”

  1. Jessica says:

    Talk to her!

  2. LillyB says:

    You are being a mug and she knows what she is doing. Don’t pay for anything. And tell her she is paying for things.

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