Stockroom assistant or Sales Assistant?

I am about to apply for a Christmas temporary job in Next. Which position should I apply for? Stockroom assistant or Sales Assistant? I am not sure which position would suit me best and what I am most likely to have a better chance getting.. I do not have much experience at all! What job is easier?

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  1. 7-4-7 says:

    Stockroom assistant will likely be easier. But personally you would be better off going for sales assistant as this will stand you better on any CV you may produce sometime. It’s great experience for you to be at the front of the business selling to the general public. You will also enjoy more being on the shop floor then stuck in the back of some grotty storage room all day carrying out mundane tasks.

    All you need to do to help get your sales assistant job is turn up smart, smile a lot, be pleasant, talk correctly and in a nice manner, be polite and you stand a good chance of getting the position. A little tip for you…. After the interview say ‘Thank you very much for your time and for considering me for this position, I look forward to hearing from you’…. or words to that effect. Best of luck 😉

  2. abstractbeing says:

    I would go with stockroom, but one is as hard as the other. During the christmas rush it’s all hands to the pumps. Retail is not an easy job. If the goods are flying off the shelves they need replaced asap. The stockroom or warehouse can be good during the off peak sales times but it is hard work. Goods need checked in and put out on the floor. You could have a pallet of goods not even checked in but one customer urgently needs one item that shows up on stock but isn’t there. That customer now has a docket for goods they paid for, guess who gets to work their lunch and break that pallet down to get the item? you need to plan ahead and it helps if the firm has good stock taking practises in place. You might have a better chance with a sales job, as for which is easiest? a job is only as hard as you make it. But in retail do not second guess always plan ahead.

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