Stop facial hair from growing?

I’m 15 boy and I’m starting to grow facial hair but don’t want to!

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7 Responses to “Stop facial hair from growing?”

  1. Yasin says:

    There is hope, dont listen to people who say’ You Cant’ or make fun etc. do this, call up a beauty salon and ask if they do IPL treatment (Intensive pulse treatment) but make sure you tell them your age, I would say your a bit young for this, but if it means to wait for a year or 2 , its no biggie, IPL will zap you hair follicles and eventualy completely halt the growth. How do i know? Because I,v had it done and it works, you also need to keep the cost in mind, but there are always deals going on at wowcher and groupon, here are those links, just sign up and look out for the deals , good luck

  2. Georgia says:

    You can’t stop it, it’s just part of growing up. All you can do is remove it. That can be either by shaving or hair removal creams etc

  3. Cheer says:

    thats life. everyone grows hair.
    welcome to the next 80 years of shaving!

  4. liaaa says:

    Part of growing up my friend…at some point you may just want it. Some girls find it attractive lol.

  5. Grace says:

    You could wax it but that will make it grow back thinner and then it will eventually stop growing whereas shaving it will make it grow back thicker, honestly a bit of stubble make someone look older and you might want that one day so you don’t look like a school boy for the rest of your life

  6. Mona says:

    Take Female Hormones and they won’t grow, but you will also stop developing into a Man. There is nothing else you can do except have Laser hair removal and as a male with no sign of facial hair you will look feminine, unless of course, that is what you want.

  7. b says:

    print this page out and save it for when you are 70, you will laugh. (But now you are too young to understand why)

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