Straight Talk Att Sim Cards?

I am thinking about switching to straight talk. I was going to buy an at&t phone and get a sim card from them. I noticed there are many for sale around the web, but the straight talk website, didn’t show any. I called and was told they where’nt activating anymore on at&t. I am confused by all the att sim cards out there for sale. Will they still work or are people getting ripped off?

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One Response to “Straight Talk Att Sim Cards?”

  1. emotiona says:

    Look into Net10. Net10 is a division of Tracfone wireless, just like Straight Talk. Maybe you will be able to get a AT&T sim card from Net10. The unlimited talk, text and web with 30 service days is just like Straight Talks, except it costs $50 per month, instead of $45. You can buy Net10 airtime at many other retailers besides Wal-Mart.

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