Strange Itunes Purchases – Should I Contact Apple?

We have an ipad which my children use every day and usually I top up the credit on it with a voucher so there can be no over spending. I’d had problems before with someone in China accessing my account and cleaning it out!
Recently I added my credit card just to download a film but forgot to delete it afterwards. It shouldn’t really have mattered as the account is password protected and the boys don’t know the password. My eldest is 4 and there is no way he would remember it. He can’t even write his name.
I got my credit card statement though with about £50 of itunes purchases on it. These are things I knew nothing about but when I went to look on the ipad the purchases were there. The most annoying thing is they weren’t little 69p apps like my children usually go for but things costing between £7.99 and £12 each.
Is it worthwhile complaining to Apple about it? I just don’t know how these could have been allowed to download without my password at such a price. They’re mostly all from free apps where the children have obviously then gone on to the ‘shop’ to upgrade.

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2 Responses to “Strange Itunes Purchases – Should I Contact Apple?”

  1. Mr. Moustache says:

    If you recently bought something on the iPad then gave it to your kids, it would have remembered the password and so maybe they downloaded it. I would still contact apple because I doubt this is so

  2. Greg says:

    You can always try and contact apple about it and request a refund since it was purchased by a minor, explain your lack of trust with having the account being accessed from china before and if that doesn’t help, sadly learn from your mistake and never put your credit card/debit card on the account again especially when children have access to it.
    it’s strange tho, because when buying in App purchases if you haven’t recently logged into the apple account I’m fairly certain (70%) that it would require a password.
    Probably down mainly to your own error im afraid, but I would contact them and see what they can do if anything.

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