Struggling To Think Of Good Processors?

basically i want a processor that can run any game even if the settings/reso has to be lowered i was thinking of
Intel i3 :
AMD Phenom II X4 965 – 3.4 Ghz :
AMD Phenom II X4 945 Quad-Core Processor – 3.00 GHz :

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4 Responses to “Struggling To Think Of Good Processors?”

  1. Nick says:

    Core i5 and i7 are best for gaming. Also you need ghz to be atleast on highest 3.0 ghz for gaming

  2. Hakkimte S says:

    All of those can run a game, You just need a good graphics card to run a game. If you want cheap CPu i suggest going with AMD phenomx4 965 which i have running on my rig.

  3. Alex says:

    If you think you will upgrade in the future get the i3 (i recommend the i3-2120) because it uses the motherboard socket 1155 so in the future you could put and i5 or an i7 processor in.
    The Phenom II x4 965 is considered AMDs best gaming processor along with maybe the FX 4100 but its up to you with what you want with the PC whether you will be playing games needing 4 cores like battlefield 3 if not get the i3 because its much better and faster with 2 cores and some people say the i3 processors beat some of AMDs quad core but i dont know how accurate that is.
    I hope this helps

  4. Shadow 114 says:

    Phenom II is not the best for gaming you need the Intel’s but you can cut the corners by buying a i5 CPU they have been getting very good & they have taken off with speed & cooling I personally like & use the i7 Intel’s are exceeding the Phenom by a big margin at the moment I don’t think £100 will really give you a computer that you can throw any game out today at it though. one of the first thing people seem to drop & not remember about is the Motherboard & that is the most important as well as the CPU people will spend a lot of money buying top video card & sound cards but then only want to spend £50 on the motherboard, to put that into perspective it’s like buying a ferrari with a Mini chassis underneath you at least are looking at the south bridge which is the way to go. to be honest I always think of what will keep me going for at least the next 4 to 5 years I know we don’t all have that sort of cash though I usually buy a part built over speed bare bones system from Overclockers. co uk they do make some great deals I don’t know how they can make so many things for their price’s but it always pay’s to look around if you buy a good motherboard & then run it at a lower spec than you really want at least you’re in the position to build onto that as you can afford to their are some good bargains around I don’t know what area you have around you but you can get some good deals with a PC shop those that are smaller business’s because they take other’s PCs then sell them even at a lose just because they are taking up to much room again shop around whatever you buy £100 is not going to be much good with Phenom II I have had AMDs stuff for years they were ahead of the Intels but the last 10 to 12 years they have been struggling I know they are starting to catch up now again but I would wait until their 22 Nano meters CPU, comes out then we may be at least equal again sorry can’t say much more than that at the moment my set-up I have got together now runs everything at 7.9 yes everything with the i7 CPU 2- HD 7975 GB DDG 5 & 16 Gig of Corsair Gold ram but I have built up to this over several years we all start of with smaller stuff bu the trick is to keep your eye’s on what is the next big step keep plenty of eye’s on what is about to come out in the future that way you can manage once you get to the top then your fine for the next few years as I stated but it is still a judgment calculation in the end. Best Wishes.

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