Student Discount Airlines?

I am looking for discount tickets from Eugene or Portland, Oregon to St. Paul/Minneapolis. Round Trip. I am a full time college student. I am looking to leave around March 23 and return around March 30 or 31.
I have search for how to get discounts for student airfare, and always have struggled. Please give me step by step instructions to redeem discounts for full time college students. What airlines I should look into. Where to receive promotional codes and how to redeem those as well. I hear all the time about these different things (some for frequent fliers obviously) but I don’t know how to redeem any of them.

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4 Responses to “Student Discount Airlines?”

  1. Indiana Jones says:

    i’m not aware of any airlines that give discount fares just cuz you are college student.
    and you are going the week before easter sunday which is a peak time for travel since many people are off of school so you are not gonna find many discounts.

  2. Chris Morris says:

    Delta might be the only choice. They are the only airline that flies the Portland – Minneapolis route.

  3. MadMan says:

    You won’t get any as there is no competition on this route.

  4. UpintheA says:

    Check with your student center; they often offer travel discounts.

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