Student Discount – Apple iMac?

I’m on the Apple website at the moment looking to order an Apple iMac. I’ve added the product to my basket and gone through the options to add things to the purchase – like accessories, and such – and the total cost comes to £950.80 (obviously adding the hundred odd pound VAT). I noticed that it said something in the corner about student discounting and financial support.

How much would that mean I’d save? How much would I be able to buy the iMac desktop comp for if I had a student discount – I’m going to university come september, so I’ll likely hold buying it until I’ve enrolled at the university.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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One Response to “Student Discount – Apple iMac?”

  1. mikerigel says:

    You’ll save up to $200. You can also use your student discount at the Apple Store and Best Buy.

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