Student Discount Card>>?

Im studying for my A Levels in Sixth Form, can i get a student discount card, and where from?

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3 Responses to “Student Discount Card>>?”

  1. Cynical_Student says:

    No – student discount cards are NUS cards – the National Union of Students. You can only get one of those if you attend University,

  2. Frank says:

    You can, you can apply for an NUS Extra card either online or by post.
    With the online application you can’t use a cheque, instead you have to use a credit card. You can also use a webcam photo rather than a standard passport form.
    With the postal application you can use a credit card or cheque, but you have to use a standard passport photo and have it stamped by the school. They cost £11 or £12.99. =)

  3. Daniel Weir says:

    Student discount search has lots of student discount codes that need no NUS proof . Also you can get a UCAS card which has some discounts on it.

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