Student discount on Laptops in the England?

Im at University and my laptop has died. It was really old too.

Is there anywhere in England that offers student discount on laptops. I would prefer it if it was a shop I could walk into rather than the internet so I can really see what Im buying.

Thanks in advance for any help =)

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3 Responses to “Student discount on Laptops in the England?”

  1. Pie says:

    Apple offer a good discount ok about 15% on computers to university students. (all students get discount but its a higher rate for university)
    May not be suitable for you as apple tend to be that little bit more expensive then PC’s
    But i certainly got a good deal when i bought my macbook pro in january as i got an offer on the 3 year extended warranty as well as further discounts on accessories

  2. elrobo0905 says:

    You can check out the university pricing on the apple store using this link:
    If you’ve not used a mac before I would recommend going into your local apple store or retailer (most PC worlds sell them) and having a play. They can take a bit of getting used to but once you know what you’re doing you’ll probably fall in love and never go back to PC’s, a lot of people do anyway

  3. boonescomputers says:

    Tescos do cheap Dells

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