Student discount on laptops?

Are there any companies that provide discount on laptops for students? e.g. PC World or reliable websites

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2 Responses to “Student discount on laptops?”

  1. ComputerMan3590 says:

    Yes, many companies do offer student discounts on computers. However, you usually need to order the computer directly from the manufactuer. For instance, if you want a Lenovo ThinkPad with the student discount, you have to go to Lenovo’s website and order it directly from Lenovo. The same goes for pretty much all the other major companies, such as Dell and HP. Also, if you are looking for a discount, try asking your school if they are affiliated or have discounts with certain companies. The link below brings you to the US Lenovo Student page, where you can browse the selection with the student discounts.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to visit my blog, and leave a comment. Hope this helps.

  2. t12_incomplete says:

    check with schools they may have a supplier, or buy of school second hand?

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